Public work for The Public Art Agency Sweden at University West in Trollhättan Sweden. A large scale drawing approx 70m2. I made the drawing on gesso prepared silk. When you enter the building the drawing is visible from a far distance. And in contrast – when you walk the stairs you get very close to the drawing and may read different notes from every-day-life and notes about the drawing process etc.

”Day-to-day events, existential issues and the most private sphere (her diary) – every­ thing seems to be included in the text, in the mass of pencil lines. The viewer looks for some kind of statement, but the words are perpetually heading elsewhere, they flow on, both in their reasoning and across the actual paper. But the reflections return perpetually to what is evolving here, the actual writing and drawing, the ongoing now.”

(extract from a text written by Lars Blomkvist for the 2008 year book for The Public Art Agency Sweden)