Large scale installation, 2014

Felt-tip pens on paper, various dimensions
The Epidemic of Art Gallery, Gothenburg

“The word poetic is often used without motivation, however, Zsuzsanna Larsson Gilice’s exhibition is worthy of the word when she transforms Konstepidemin with her paper works of art. The large room of the gallery has been hung with curtains of the thinnest rice paper laden with bright, dancing color splotches. By piling sheets of paper in layers of twenty-six, splotches from marker pens can seep through all of them. This is intense in a summer-light and rapturous way, and when you walk between the colossal, super-thin sheets, they rustle like foliage in a summer breeze. A surprise this particularly cold spring. In the small room of the gallery, I was met by other sheets; a kind of open silver Bible that hovers in the room. This was also an unusually delightful encounter. Everything seems to begin in sketch books; part of the gallery has become the artist’s studio, and in one corner, notebooks have been subjected to other paintball actions, nevertheless, this inspiring exhibition is not really a cheerful, colorful show. It is, instead, subtly elated.”

Original Swedish text: Mikael van Reis in Göteborgsposten, 12 April 2014.

Photo: Lars Åsling
© Zsuzsanna Larsson Gilice, 2021.