Fals, 2005
Drawing, 300 x 300 cm, Galleri Mors Mössa, Gothenburg
In the collection of Gothenburg Art Museum
Dark Diary, 2003-2007
Typewriter art on 84 sheets of A4, Galleri Mors Mössa, Gothenburg
Spill (Waste), 2018
Ink and graphite on paper, collage 120 x 110 cm, Galleri PS, Gothenburg
Skärvor (Fragments), 2018-2020
Sculptural drawing, 220 x 480 cm, Galleri PS, Gothenburg
God Damn You, 2019
Collage and writings, 250 x 350 cm, Trosa Lands Church
Subtraheraren (the Subtractor), 2005
Drawing, 220 x 150 cm, Galleri Mors Mössa, Gothenburg
Hopp, 2004
Graphite and pencil on paper, 150 x 220 cm, Galleri Mors Mössa, Gothenburg
Mörk botten (the Bottom of Darkness), 2018
Collage and writings, 150 x 150 cm, Galleri PS, Gothenburg
Pssst… , 2008
Public work at University West in Trollhättan. Drawing on organza, 5500 x 13 500 cm. Commissioned by the Public Art Agency Sweden
Det här är jorden orden (This is the Earth These Are the Words), 2017
C-print from original large scale drawing, 500 x 150 cm
Commissioned by Stockholm konst (Public Art Stockholm)
En skarp skugga som inte längre finns (A Sharp Shadow that No Longer Exists), 2017
Graphite and silver pencil on gouache, approx. 40 x 65 cm, Teatergalleriet Kalmar. In the collection of Kalmar Town
Skikt (Layers), 2015-2017
Drawing installation, the Borås Museum of Modern Art. Seven layers of paper approx. 200 x 250 cm
Mörk glöd I-III, Sötma och mörker, 2019-
Silverpoint on prepared paper; black gesso, black ink or black gesso with red pigment. Work in progress since 2019.
Dictionary, 2014
An original dictionary, each page foiled with aluminum, 1100 pages, The Epidemic of Art Gallery, Gothenburg
Large scale installation, 2014
Felt-tip pens on paper, various dimensions, The Epidemic of Art Gallery, Gothenburg
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